With her best friend, a lion(heart) named Del Palmer

Give me a break, oh let me try! Give me something to show for my miserable life! Give me something to take! Would you break even my wings, just like a swallow.

Name: Zoey

Location: Brooklyn, New York City, hopefully moving to the sensual world soon

Favorite Song: Night of the Swallow

Favorite Album: The Dreaming

Favorite Video: Tie between: Hammer Horror, The Sensual World, Sat In Your Lap, Babooshka, Running Up That Hill, and Wuthering Heights white dress version…can you tell I’m a Libra?

Favorite Lyric:

1. “My pussy queen knows all my secrets”

2.”Give me a break! 

Oh, let me try! 

Give me something to show 

For my miserable life! 

Give me something to take! 

Would you break even my wings 

Just like a swallow?”

How Did You First Hear About Kate Bush: When she gave birth to me in 1991 and shipped me to America because it interfered with the process of making The Red Shoes. That’s why it took so long.

How Long Have You Been a Fan: Aren’t people supposed to love their mother starting from birth?

Favorite Kate-Related Story (i.e. meeting her, hearing her song in public in the supermarket when you weren’t expecting it, seeing the Tour of Life and/or Before the Dawn, etc.): Donald Sutherland’s account of working with her on the Cloudbusting video:” She came out of this camper at eight in the morning smoking a joint and I said ‘What are you doing?’ and she said, ‘I haven’t been straight for eight years.'”