Tim Horsfield

You never understood me, you never really tried.

Location: Leeds, England
Fave Song: Breathing (with Night of the Swallow, Hounds of Love and Ne T’Enfuis Pas very close runners up)
Fave Album: The Dreaming
Fave Video: Experiment IV

Fave Lyric:
“You never understood me, you never really tried”
Or the entire middle eight from Night of the Swallow
How I first heard about Kate Bush: My Mum had (probably still has somewhere) a VHS of The Single File collection which I remember watching. I especially remember being scared of/weirded out by Breathing, Sat in Your Lap and The Dreaming. At some point we got a Philips CDi and my parents bought The Whole Story ’94 video CD. I remember my brother showing me the videos for Experiment IV and Cloudbusting and things kind of took off after that.
How long I’ve been a fan: Since 1996-ish.
Fave Kate story: I don’t really have many Kate stories, unfortunately. I did once get the winning answer on a DVD quiz by knowing that she did the backing vocals on Peter Gabriel’s Games Without Frontiers though!