S03E05 – Egypt

Are you ready for a traveling episode? We sure hope so!

For this week’s song, the ethereal Egypt, we make a call to Serbia to chat with a young fan named Uroš about his love for this song, the fifth track from Never For Ever. Uroš is a young Kate fan from Serbia who has always loved this song, so he has a lot to say about why this is one of his favorite Kate tunes!

While we get to talk about why we like this song, we also discuss the theme of the lyrics, which remind both of us of the earlier Kashka from Baghdad from Lionheart. Much is discussed about the issue of stereotyping and romanticizing a place you don’t know much about. We also get into the version of this song performed on the Tour of Life in 1979, before this song was even recorded in a studio, and the first time this song was performed on a TV audience, during the Kate Bush Christmas special later that year!

We hope you’ll be in love with this episode like Kate was with Egypt!

Song clips used:

Egypt (live at the Manchester Apollo, April 1979) (footage of Kate performing the song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXbTak2InhI

Egypt (live at the Manchester Apollo, April 1979) (pictures of her performing the song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG9gKW1Y9bo