S05E05 – Cloudbusting

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S05E05 - Cloudbusting

This week we’re marching in time to the beat of the tender but urgent Cloudbusting. The second single from Hounds of Love and a UK Top 40 hit in late 1985, Cloudbusting is more than just an insanely catchy sing-a-long. There is an intriguing and strange backstory, touching lyrics, and….. Donald Sutherland?

We have two mega fans of the song, both Patreon supporters. Tomer Feiner is calling in from Israel to talk about how he first heard the song and what it means to him. Then we have Paul Muehlbach, a German listener and a first-timer on the show! Both are young Kate fans who love this song almost as much as our host, who has much to say about what this song means to her.

In this episode, we talk about the song’s subject: Peter Reich. Peter’s father was the famous psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and the subject of a random book Kate picked up in the 70s, A Book of Dreams. We discuss how his relationship with his father was the basis for this song (and the mystery behind lines like “you’re like my yo-yo that glowed in the dark”) and what Peter thought of Kate’s song. We also talk about how it did on the charts, the video, and what this song means to us.

Are you ready to go cloudbusting? We hope so!

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Book excerpts included:

A Book of Dreams – The Book That Inspired Kate Bush’s Hit Song ‘Cloudbusting’

Song clips included:

Cloudbusting (album version)

Cloudbusting (The Organon Remix)

Utah Saints – Something Good

Cover band Cloudbusting performing Cloudbusting in Dublin

Cloudbusting (Young Edits remix)

Cloudbusting (orchestral fan-made version)

Charlotte Martin – Cloudbusting

Cloudbusting (Live in 2014)

Interviews used:

Interview on MTV, 1985

BBC Classic Albums: Hounds of Love

Music video/Performances:

Cloudbusting (Official Music Video)

Cloudbusting (live on Italian TV, 1985)

S04E06 – The Dreaming

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S04E06 - The Dreaming

Time to flip the record over and start the second side of The Dreaming! On now to the title track, a dark and mysterious song with dense production and even more dense discussion of the song’s themes.

To dissect this week’s song, three guests have joined the show. We have input from Tomer Feiner, a Kate fan from Israel. We also get to hear from Liza Behrendt, a longtime Kate fan from Boston, Massachusetts.

And most importantly, our third guest lives in Brisbane, Australia. A few months ago, a good friend of the show, Christine Kelley, reached out to a friend who was more familiar with Aboriginal culture in hopes of finding someone to discuss The Dreaming on the show. So we will get to hear from Lizzie Orley, a Gamilaroi woman who works for a Brisbane-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community radio station called 98.9FM. When asked about Kate’s song, she had MUCH to say!

Song clips used:

The Dreaming


Vox: The Sound that Connects Bruno Mars to Stravinsky (about the orchestra hit)

Interviews used:

The Old Gray Whistle Test

Official video:

The Dreaming (Official Music Video)

Live performances:

The Dreaming (live in Italy)

The Dreaming (live in Germany on Na Sowas, the “giant lizard” version)

For more about Aboriginal culture:


The Gamilaroi Dreaming

Documentary about the 1982 Commonwealth Games protests

More about the 1982 protests

Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

S04E01 – Sat In Your Lap

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S04E01 - Sat In Your Lap


Sat In Your Lap could be summed up in one word: bombastic. Isn’t it fitting then that the episode about that song is jam-packed with guests? Of course!

What a way to start off Kate’s (now) beloved fourth album The Dreaming, than with five different guests this week from many different parts of the world! And they all have one thing in common: they love Sat In Your Lap.

  • Tomer Feiner (Israel)
  • Craig Houston (Ohio)
  • Wayne Henderson (California)
  • Vanessa Ramos (Canada)

AND we have a special contribution from longtime Kate fan Daniel Thomas, who was last featured on the Coffee Homeground and Symphony in Blue episodes. You’ll get to hear from him on each song from The Dreaming thanks to essays he has written comparing songs from The Dreaming with Tori Amos’ equally experimental (and the first of her albums to be self-produced, like with Kate) Boys for Pele.

This week, we’re talking ALL about this song. What it was like for us the first time hearing this song. The production. The lyrics (all of us going, so that’s what she’s saying at the end!). What others have said about this song. What Kate wrote extensively in the Kate Bush Club Newsletter. And lastly, who can forget the bonkers music video?

It’s all here in this first episode of the fourth season of the show!

Song and interview clips used:

In the Air Tonight

Sat in Your Lap (demo)

Sat in Your Lap (fan-made instrumental)

Sat in Your Lap (fan-made piano instrumental)

The Dreaming 1982 Interview (interviewer unknown)

Kate Bush on Razzmatazz, July 14, 1981

Bonus: Humming

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
Bonus: Humming

It started as an excerpt on a radio show called Personal Call in 1980. Only a verse and part of a chorus were ever played. “I was waiting for the flat note in the middle,” she said as the tape faded out. And for years, fans have wondered about this mysterious song. Is it called Maybe? Humming? Davy? No one knew. All anyone had was the clip she played on that radio show as well as an unreleased recording of a song called Davy that had a similar melody and chorus to what was played on Personal Call.

What was this song? And would it ever be released in full?

Apparently, yes!

Years later, in 2018, the full version of this mythical song finally appeared on the Kate Bush Remastered box set, under its official title: Humming. All of her albums have been rereleased and remastered along with two CDs of bonus tracks, called The Other Sides 1 and 2. Track 7 on The Other Sides 2 contains the first ever full release of that little song Kate shut her ears on.

This week, we’re talking about this little gem with Tomer Feiner, a Kate fan from Israel. We discuss the history of this song, what the song is about, and a little of Kate’s early history before getting signed!

Also, we couldn’t find that flat note in the middle.

Song clips used:

Humming/Davy and Personal Call clip