S05E11 – Hello Earth

With just your heart and your mind, you could be driving driving home listening to the latest episode of the show!

After an unexpected two week break, we’re back with the second to last song for the Hounds of Love album. Hello Earth is the climax of the album, a shifting, ethereal piece that was written to evoke exactly what the subject is: drifting above the earth and watching yourself as you either fall asleep and die, or are rescued (depending on your interpretation of the ending of this story to come next week in The Morning Fog).

To discuss this song this week, we have two major fans (not just our host!). Paul Tate is a Kate superfan from Atlanta, Georgia who has been on the show previously to talk about Kate’s song structures and chord progressions. Zoey P is a regular contributer and friend of the show from New York City who counts Hello Earth as one of her top favorite Kate Bush songs.

So are you ready to go floating above the earth?

Song clips played

Hello Earth (album version)

Hello Earth (Before the Dawn version)

Hello Earth (performed by Cloudbusting)

Tsintskaro (performed by the Rustavi choir)

Other things mentioned:

Nosferatu clip with Tsintskaro playing over it

S05E09 – Watching You Without Me

We can let you know what’s been happening, there’s a new episode of Strange Phenomena for your listening pleasure! This week, our song is Watching You Without Me, a dreamy, spectral tune that plays with a lot of interesting sounds (are those possibly gamelans? And backwards vocals?) and contains some wonderful production techniques.

Two other Kate fans are on board to chat about Watching You Without Me: Alex Dale, a journalist from London, and fellow music nerd Paul Tate from Atlanta! We talk about all those cool production techniques, Paul gets to break down the song and what makes it so unique, and also those beautiful and sad lyrics and how they fit into the overall story being told on The Ninth Wave side of Hounds of Love!

Song clips used:

Watching You Without Me (album version)

Watching You Without Me (live version)

Josh Morphis – Watching You Without Me (piano instrumental)

Other cool topics mentioned in the episode:

Mixolydian mode

Gated reverb

S05E06 – And Dream of Sheep

Ready to dive in to the Ninth Wave portion of the album? We hope so! This week, we’re talking about the first song on the second side of Hounds of Love, the piano-driven song And Dream of Sheep. Not only is this an oft-covered song, but it contains many beautiful elements that make it a fan favorite.

Especially for this week’s guests!

We get to hear from longtime Kate fan Keith DeWeese and his experience hearing this song for the Before the Dawn shows. We also talk about the deceptively simple melody and arrangement and how it lulls you into thinking it’s a nice little song, even though it is on the beginning. We also get musical insights from Paul Tate, another American Kate fan, who has been on the show previously to dissect the Hounds of Love title track.

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Song clips included:

And Dream of Sheep (album version)

And Dream of Sheep (live 2014)

Tori Amos – And Dream of Sheep (live 2014)

And Dream of Sheep piano instrumental by YANTA

Interview clips included:

BBC Classic Albums, Hounds of Love

Music video:

And Dream of Sheep (live 2014)

S05E04 – Mother Stands for Comfort

Hounds of Love produced four hit singles, all of them from the first side. The only song not released to radio was Mother Stands for Comfort, the fourth track from Hounds of Love, and an often overlooked song, even by our host.

It’s also one of the most skeletal songs on this album. With only an upright electric bass, broken glass à la Babooshka, some tinkling piano, ghostly backing vocals (of course!), and a rather subdued and low lead vocal, Kate paints a rather creepy story about a mother’s love for a child who’s doing bad things.

To discuss the only Side One song to not be released as a single, Cecilee will be talking with Paul Tate, a friend of the show who was last on the title track episode, and a new guest, Shana Britnall. Paul breaks down the chord progression and the melody to explain why this song sounds so moody and sad, while Shana talks about how this song has changed meaning for her over time and her favorite lyrics and what they mean to her.

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Song clips used:

Mother Stands for Comfort (album version)

Jane Birkin – Mother Stands for Comfort

Lilie and Akatomie – Mother Stands for Comfort

Interview clips used:

Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, BBC, 1992

S05E02 – Hounds of Love

If you thought running up a hill was difficult, try running away from dogs chasing you. Specifically, hounds of love.

Get ready for some more running as we go into a discussion of the third single from the Hounds of Love album, the energetic title track. To discuss this song this week, we have two megafans on the line: Craig Houston from Ohio and Paul Tate from Georgia. Both fans have fascinating insights and history with this week’s song! Craig talks about hearing this song and being blown away the first time he ever heard it and seeing it performed for Before the Dawn. Paul, a composer and pianist, is new to the show and offers his musical expertise to the discussion. With Paul, we dig into Kate’s use of loops, how those drums were created, pentatonic scales, and rhythm to create something different from traditional songwriting.

Much to discuss! Then afterwards, we can rest for a bit and take our shoes off before leaving with the big sky next week!

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Interview clips used:

Kate Bush and Lee Aaron on Good Rockin’ Tonight, CBC, 1985

Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, BBC, 1992

Kate Bush Under Review

Song clips used:

Hounds of Love (album version)

Hounds of Love (alternative)

Hounds of Love (Before the Dawn)

Ra Ra Riot – Hounds of Live (live 4/28/10, Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI)

The Futureheads – Hounds of Love

Music video:

Hounds of Love (Official Music Video)