S06E02 – Love and Anger

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S06E02 - Love and Anger

Take away the love and the anger, and what you’re left with is….. a new episode of Strange Phenomena!

This week, we have a first-timer on the show, author James DiBenedetto, and young fan Diego Ortega, to talk about a song that Kate has said herself was one of the most difficult songs she’s ever written.

And for a song that she insists she has no idea what the story is, we sure have a lot of thoughts on the lyrics! And the rest of the song!

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Interview clip played:

VH1 Interview, 1989

Song clips played:

Love and Anger (album version)

Bright Light Bright Light – Love and Anger

Nada Surf – Love and Anger

Theo Bleckmann – Love and Anger

Nymphya – Love and Anger

Love and Anger (karaoke version)

Music video:

Love and Anger (official music video)

Love and Anger on Beavis and Butthead