S02E09 – Coffee Homeground

We promise we won’t be getting you with any Belladonna or arsenic in the pot of tea. Instead, we’ll just be serving up a rather harmless episode of Strange Phenomena! This week, we’re talking about the very theatrical song Coffee Homeground, perhaps the most musical theater song that Kate Bush has ever done (and that’s saying something!). Our guest this week is Daniel Thomas, a long-time Kate fan who also spoke about Symphony in Blue earlier this season. We get into his personal connection with this song, the Roald Dahl story that probably inspired Kate, and also the fun live routine that Kate performed of this song for her Tour of Life. A routine that, sadly, has never been officially released (but which can be found easily, these days, on YouTube!).

Song clips used:

Coffee Homeground live at the Manchester Apollo, 1979

S02E01 – Symphony in Blue

Get ready to spend a lot of your time looking at blue as you listen to the first song episode of the Lionheart season! This week’s song is Symphony in Blue, the first track from Kate’s second album Lionheart, a rather jazzy sounding opening track that gives a great tone to the rest of the album.

We’ll get to talk with not one but THREE fans of the song for this episode! Daniel Thomas, calling in from Seattle, offers his thoughts and personal connection with this track. We’ll also get to hear from Bishakh Som, a fellow American fan from Brooklyn, New York, who has some wonderful insights and connections to this song. We’ll also get to hear from Danny McEvoy, a Kate fan from England who got to see Kate’s tour in 1979 and who also loves this song.

We’ll also dive into the history of this song, such as the Erik Satie piano piece that directly inspired Symphony in Blue, as well as extensively discussing the beautiful lyrics and the music and its realization on the Tour of Life and the Kate Bush Christmas Special!

Song clips used:

Symphony in Blue, live at the Manchester Apollo, 1979

Symphony in Blue, Kate Bush Christmas Special, 1979

Erik Satie – Gymnopédies No. 1