S05E10 – Jig of Life

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S05E10 - Jig of Life

Hello you Kate Bush fans, ready to put on your dancing shoes? Time to dance a jig of life! After the somber and thoughtful Watching You Without Me, we’re on to the next track, the energetic Jig of Life!

Two fans (who are also Patreon supporters of the show!) are on board to discuss this song. Christine Kelley runs the blog Dreams of Orgonon and has made numerous appearances on the show before, while Craig Houston is a long-time Kate fan from Ohio. We talk about the lyrics, the vocal performance, Kate’s brother Jay’s poem at the end, and learn just what a jig is!

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Song clips used:

Jig of Life (album version)

Jig of Life (Before the Dawn version)

Alan Stivell – Gaeltacht

Irish Fiddle Jigs – Lannigans, Indian Point, Tenpenny Bit

Interview clips used:

BBC Classic Album Interviews

S04E05 – Leave It Open

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S04E05 - Leave It Open

We can tell you what we’re letting in: a new episode of Strange Phenomena! This week, we’re talking about track five on The Dreaming, the strange and compelling Leave It Open. Christine Kelley, the author of Dreams of Orgonon, the Kate Bush blog, joins us for a discussion of this song this week. Listen as we discuss about the lyrics (at least, what we can decipher of them!), the theme of the song, and Cecilee gets to nerd about the music production too (SO. MANY. VOCAL. EFFECTS!). We’ll also get to hear some thoughts from fellow Kate fan, Daniel Thomas, who we got to talk with earlier this season for Pull Out The Pin.

Are you ready to let the weirdness in?

We hope so!

Other links:

Dreams of Orgonon: The Songs of Kate Bush

Song clips used:

Leave It Open (album version)

Leave It Open (demo version)