S05E17 – Not This Time

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S05E17 - Not This Time

And now for a discussion of a b-side that isn’t discussed much (not even by Kate herself!!).

In fact, the only way to find this song is either getting the single it’s from (The Big Sky), finding the This Woman’s Work box set, or going to YouTube!

It’s not even on her most recent boxset Kate Bush Remastered!

Which our host and our guest this week find absolute tragic!

Not This Time was the b-side for Hounds of Love’s final single, The Big Sky, and it continues the tradition of folk phonetics (too ree ay too ree oh), beautiful melodic twists, a slow build up to a frenetic finale. Oh and speaking of a frenetic finale, this song contains an absolute frenzy of Kate’s vocals at the end of the song to carry us all out!

What could be better than that??

To talk about the song this week, we have Cassandra de Alba, another Kate fan like our host, on the line! Cassandra puts this song in her top 10 favorite Kate songs and she comes on to the show to talk about WHY this song should be better known and what this song means to her. Our host also gets a little teary when talking about this song and what it represents for her: getting out of a bad situation and finding the strength to leave.

So come on and sing too-ree-ay with us this week as we talk about the epic b-side Not This Time! And maybe you’ll rediscover this lost gem and make it as well-known as it ought to, and very much deserves, to be!

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Song clips played:

Kate Bush – Not This Time

Kate Bush – Not This Time (remix by Alphan Music)