Special – Roger Scott Interview 1989

This week is a gap week, but that doesn’t mean the Kate Bush content has to take a break! No way!

Not when there’s a great interview from 1989 to share!

On Saturday October 14, two days before The Sensual World was released, Kate Bush was interviewed by British radio DJ Roger Scott for BBC Radio 1. Sadly, Roger Scott died of cancer later that month just days after his 46th birthday. In this episode, we have the interview in full, which was uploaded to Vimeo by user Blackbird Braille, and includes a brief intro and outro edited in from the broadcast version.

So sit back and listen as Kate talks about her recording process for The Sensual World and gives insights to some of the songs from the album (clips of which have already been used in song episodes this season and will continue to be used throughout the rest of the season!)!

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Interview clip played:

The Sensual World (An Interview with Roger Scott)