Special – Maybe You’ll Be Coming Back…..?

Oh yes we will!

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any new episodes of the show in a while. This week, Cecilee talks about the season to come and why there’s been a longer break than usual.

AND also calling all Sensual World fans:

If you are a super fan of any of these songs, which don’t have any fans yet as of this recording (April 21, 2020), let her know and you could be on the show!

Any song not listed below has at least one fan. Message her anyway to see if the limit has been reached or if there’s another way to get you on the show to talk about that song!

  • Between A Man and a Woman
  • I’m Still Waiting
  • The Confrontation
  • One Last Look Around the House Before We Go
  • Rocket Man
  • The King is Dead (song with Go West)
  • Sister and Brother (song with Midge Ure)
  • Once (song with Roy Harper)

See everyone next time for a Let The Weirdness In, coming May 2020!