S06E01 – The Sensual World

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S06E01 - The Sensual World

Who else is ready to leave the pages of real world behind and go strutting with Kate Bush through a forest as the leaves fall and the rain comes down on your face?

We certainly are!

So leave behind the real world and join us for a journey into the first song episode for this season: the title track for Kate’s sixth album The Sensual World! We’re joined by friend of the show Zoey, who is here to talk ALL about the wonderful details of this song. That strutting music video. Macedonian folk music. And what does an Irish author have to do with a pop song?

It’s all here!

Yes, I said yes!

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Clips used:

Kate Bush – The Sensual World (album version)

Kate Bush – The Sensual World (instrumental)

Calgija – Anticem, Dzanam, Dusice

Kate Bush – Flower of the Mountain

The Sensual World – An Interview with Roger Scott

Kate Bush vs Freemasons – The Sensual World

Music video:

The Sensual World (Official Music Video)