S05E21 – The Seer (with Big Country)

1986 was a busy year for Kate Bush! Not only was she singing with Rowan Atkinson, putting out singles from Hounds of Love and also a video and non-album track for The Whole Story, but she also got to sing with two other major artists: Big Country and Peter Gabriel! This week, we’re talking about the title track from the Scottish band Big Country’s album The Seer, on which our lovely Kate lent her vocals!

Cecilee’s on her own this week and what a gushing, happy episode this is! Cecilee gets to talk about her love for this song and why it’s one of her favorite Kate Bush collaborations. You’ll also get to hear Cecilee nerd about Kate’s vocal stylings on The Seer and this era in general (specifically, what are you doing with your voice when you yodel and sing the way Kate does in this era and on this song with her background “yeah yeah yeah ooooohs”). Cecilee will also talk about the history of The Seer, who the band is, and how Big Country got Kate to sing on the song!

Included are interview clips from a Big Country focused podcast, The Great Divide.

Song clips played:

Big Country – The Seer (featuring Kate Bush)

Big Country – In a Big Country

Big Country – Fields of Fire

Big Country – Look Away

Interview clips played:

The Great Divide Episode 14 (The Seer Part 1)

The Great Divide Episode 15 (The Seer Part 2)