S05E19 – Be Kind to My Mistakes

It is another episode of Strange Phenomena that brings us together! This week we’re talking about a soundtrack song, the upbeat, poppy (and VERY mid-80s sounding!) Be Kind to My Mistakes.

This song has had several releases over the years, most notably more as a b-side in the Sensual World era. BUT it’s first release was in 1987 on the soundtrack of the movie this was written for, Castaway. (not the Tom Hanks movie from the early 2000s!)

To talk about this soundtrack, one-off song, we have Daniel Thomas on the line from Seattle, a Kate (and BKTMM) superfan! We talk about Kate’s vocals and words in the song, the production, and also about the movie this came from!

Song clips played:

Be Kind to My Mistakes

Be Kind to My Mistakes (lo-fi cover)

Be Kind to My Mistakes (performed by Jenna Nicholls)

Video clips mentioned:

Castaway movie trailer

Opening credits of Castaway featuring Be Kind to My Mistakes