S05E18 – Experiment IV

We were working secretly not for the military, but for you, specifically a new episode of Strange Phenomena! This week we’re going into a song that was released as a single from Kate Bush’s (to-date) only greatest hits collection The Whole Story, the spooky Experiment IV.

Experiment IV was the only single released from The Whole Story, released on October 27, 1986, and reached #23 in the UK charts (and was actually on the charts at the same time as her duet with Peter Gabriel, Don’t Give Up). Accompanied by a music video that depicted the song’s topic, Experiment IV is quite a song to discuss, especially over thirty years later, with all of our advances in technology.

Vanessa Ramos from Canada is our main guest for today’s episode. And we’re also going to hear from Dave Cross, one of the founders of the Homeground Kate Bush fanzine, who, with the other Homeground founders, took part in the music video for Experiment IV in 1986! So we’ll get to hear from him and his experiences being on the set and getting to play a dead scientist!

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Song clips played:

Experiment IV (single version)

Experiment IV (extended mix)

Experiment IV (prog-house trance remix)

Music video:

Experiment IV (Official Music Video)

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