S05E11 – Hello Earth

With just your heart and your mind, you could be driving driving home listening to the latest episode of the show!

After an unexpected two week break, we’re back with the second to last song for the Hounds of Love album. Hello Earth is the climax of the album, a shifting, ethereal piece that was written to evoke exactly what the subject is: drifting above the earth and watching yourself as you either fall asleep and die, or are rescued (depending on your interpretation of the ending of this story to come next week in The Morning Fog).

To discuss this song this week, we have two major fans (not just our host!). Paul Tate is a Kate superfan from Atlanta, Georgia who has been on the show previously to talk about Kate’s song structures and chord progressions. Zoey P is a regular contributer and friend of the show from New York City who counts Hello Earth as one of her top favorite Kate Bush songs.

So are you ready to go floating above the earth?

Song clips played

Hello Earth (album version)

Hello Earth (Before the Dawn version)

Hello Earth (performed by Cloudbusting)

Tsintskaro (performed by the Rustavi choir)

Other things mentioned:

Nosferatu clip with Tsintskaro playing over it