S05E09 – Watching You Without Me

We can let you know what’s been happening, there’s a new episode of Strange Phenomena for your listening pleasure! This week, our song is Watching You Without Me, a dreamy, spectral tune that plays with a lot of interesting sounds (are those possibly gamelans? And backwards vocals?) and contains some wonderful production techniques.

Two other Kate fans are on board to chat about Watching You Without Me: Alex Dale, a journalist from London, and fellow music nerd Paul Tate from Atlanta! We talk about all those cool production techniques, Paul gets to break down the song and what makes it so unique, and also those beautiful and sad lyrics and how they fit into the overall story being told on The Ninth Wave side of Hounds of Love!

Song clips used:

Watching You Without Me (album version)

Watching You Without Me (live version)

Josh Morphis – Watching You Without Me (piano instrumental)

Other cool topics mentioned in the episode:

Mixolydian mode

Gated reverb