S05E03 – The Big Sky

Are you ready to jump and leave with the big sky, honey?

I hope so!

All the folks for this week’s episode certainly are too!

This week, we’re talking about the exuberant third track, and final single, from Hounds of Love, The Big Sky. And what a discussion this has turned out to be! Our two main fans for the episode are Rick Campbell from Canada and Diego Ortega from California. They’re on opposite ends of the continent but one thing they have in common is they love this song! Rick talks about hearing this song for the first time in 1985 and how this song connects to his travels and how it’s grown with him. Diego talks about the lyrics, his declaration that this is an anthem for shy people, and we speculate on why Kate’s songs (especially this one) would be so hard to cover for another musician.

And we haven’t even talked about the music video yet!

In addition to our two main fans, we’ll hear from two other Kate folks who were on the set of the music video for The Big Sky: Keith Pitches, a longtime Kate fan who called in to the show, and Dave Cross, one of the founders of Homeground magazine, who helped to organize that fan meetup and who was in the video too!

It’s a jam-packed episode, just like this song!

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Interview clips used:

Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, 1992

Song clips used and/or mentioned:

The Big Sky (album version)

The Big Sky (special single mix)

The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)

The Big Sky (Official Music Video)