S05E02 – Hounds of Love

If you thought running up a hill was difficult, try running away from dogs chasing you. Specifically, hounds of love.

Get ready for some more running as we go into a discussion of the third single from the Hounds of Love album, the energetic title track. To discuss this song this week, we have two megafans on the line: Craig Houston from Ohio and Paul Tate from Georgia. Both fans have fascinating insights and history with this week’s song! Craig talks about hearing this song and being blown away the first time he ever heard it and seeing it performed for Before the Dawn. Paul, a composer and pianist, is new to the show and offers his musical expertise to the discussion. With Paul, we dig into Kate’s use of loops, how those drums were created, pentatonic scales, and rhythm to create something different from traditional songwriting.

Much to discuss! Then afterwards, we can rest for a bit and take our shoes off before leaving with the big sky next week!

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Interview clips used:

Kate Bush and Lee Aaron on Good Rockin’ Tonight, CBC, 1985

Classic Albums: Hounds of Love, BBC, 1992

Kate Bush Under Review

Song clips used:

Hounds of Love (album version)

Hounds of Love (alternative)

Hounds of Love (Before the Dawn)

Ra Ra Riot – Hounds of Live (live 4/28/10, Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI)

The Futureheads – Hounds of Love

Music video:

Hounds of Love (Official Music Video)