S05E01 – Running Up That Hill

The year is 1985. And all over the radio in the last summer is the first bit of new music from Kate in a very long time. Three years, to be exact. Not only is it something new but it’s the first single for a new album!

Running Up That Hill turns out to be not just the biggest hit single Kate has had in years. It’s also the beginning of a media frenzy for Kate as she begins to promote this song and her upcoming album. She’s everywhere in a way she hasn’t been since maybe the beginning of her career. She even ventures to America, where this song becomes, to date, her only top 40 hit.

To discuss this monster of a hit song, we have a young Kate fan on the line who was on the There Goes a Tenner episode. Diego Ortega considers this song one of his favorite Kate songs. Like our host, Running Up That Hill was his gateway to the rest of Kate’s music. With Diego, Cecilee discusses the amazing production and how one sample from the Fairlight was manipulated in three different ways to build the song. Diego and Cecilee also talk about Kate’s live performances, including the use of Running Up That Hill in the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony. They also talk about the distinctive music video and their own favorite lyrics.

Ready to go running? We hope so!

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Interview clips used:

Kate Bush Nightflight interview (unedited)

Kate Bush on Good Rockin’ Tonight, 1985

Radio 1 Classic Album Interview – Hounds of Love, 1992

Song clips used:

Running Up That Hill (album version)

Running Up That Hill (2012 version)

Videos mentioned:

Running Up That Hill (live at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony)

Running Up That Hill live on Wogan

Running Up That Hill (live in 1987 with David Gilmour)

Big Boi’s Favorite Verse: Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”

Running Up That Hill Official Music Video