S03E13 – Ran Tan Waltz

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S03E13 - Ran Tan Waltz

Welcome to another episode of the show! This week we’re digging into Ran Tan Waltz, a sprightly little number that was released as the b-side to Never For Ever‘s second single Babooshka. Rather fitting that Ran Tan Waltz, a song about a dysfunctional marriage, was the flip side of a song also about a dysfunctional marriage.

Cecilee is joined by Keith DeWeese in Boston to discuss this little number. They discuss the only time this song has ever been performed live (on the Kate Bush Christmas Special, featuring Kate dressed as a man from Fiddler on the Roof), the theme of the song, and what it means to be ran-tanning.

It’s all here in this episode!

Live performance:

Ran Tan Waltz on the Kate Bush Christmas Special, 1979