S03E03 – Blow Away (For Bill)

One of the band told us last night that we’d be coming out with a new episode of Strange Phenomena this week! In this episode, we get to fly away with the third track from Never For EverBlow Away (For Bill). This week, Cecilee is joined by Alex Dale, a writer from London who considers this song to be one of his favorite pieces of music ever.

In this episode, Cecilee and Alex discuss the song at length, from its inspiration (the death of Bill Duffield, the lighting engineer for Kate’s tour) to its intriguing musical structure and arrangement, to the leaked piano demo showing different lyrics and the exclusion of a third verse that hadn’t been written yet. Cecilee and Alex also discuss the deceased rock stars mentioned in the song, what it means to “put out the light,” their own personal histories with the song and how this song grew on both of them!

We promise not to thump you!

Song clips used:

Blow Away (For Bill) demo version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_Vcpk2sMsk