S02E05 – Oh England, My Lionheart

Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
S02E05 - Oh England, My Lionheart

Kate may not like this song much these days, but we do here at Strange Phenomena! And so does Keith DeWeese, a super fan of Oh England My Lionheart, the fifth track from her second album Lionheart. This week, we talk about a song that Kate spoke about very positively when the album was released, but of which she now has actively voiced her disapproval. We get to talk about the many English references in this song (Spitfire planes, wassailing, London Bridge, Tower of London), what the song means to us, and why this song should be better appreciated. We also talk about the only live performance of this song, which was done as the first encore on Kate’s sprawling Tour of Life in 1979.

Song clips used:

Oh England My Lionheart live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Where Are the Lionhearts? (piano demo)