Paul M

When we got to the top of the hill, we saw Rome Burning

Location: Berlin, Germany, aspired location: Paris in the 1920s
Favorite Song: Get out of my house / Hello Earth (currently)
Favorite Album: The Dreaming / Aerial
Favorite Video: Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, Suspended in Gaffa
Favorite Lyric:

“It could take me all of my life
But it would only take a moment to
Tell you what I’m feeling
But I don’t know if I’m ready yet.”

‘”When we got to the top of the hill
We saw Rome burning”

“We let the weirdness in”

How Did You First Hear About Kate Bush: Saw a Drag performance of “This Woman’s Work” online and immediately got star struck and kept listening to the song for weeks, before I finally looked the artist behind it up. Watched a couple of her music videos online and was loving it but I think it was the video for “Hounds of Love” where I decided to stan forever. The first album of her I then listened to as a whole was “Hounds of Love” and I remember listening to it past 3 am in the night for the first and having a mental breakdown about it, not only because this album took me to places I would have never thought I’d be able to go within myself but also about how brilliant and complex and just pure excellence this record radiated. Boy, was I in for a discovery when I listened to the rest of her discography, especially The Dreaming and Aerial stuck with me. My deep admiration for this woman increases every day and I might listen to a song 99 times but the 100th time I discover something new to it or about myself through that song (that A Star is Born reference tho), I consider myself really fortunate to have her music in my life.

How Long Have You Been a Fan: For a little more than about 2 years, just shortly after I turned 16 and had been heavily listening to Björk (especially to Vulnicura I had a rough time back then okay)

Favorite Kate-Related Story (i.e. meeting her, hearing her song in public in the supermarket when you weren’t expecting it, seeing the Tour of Life and/or Before the Dawn, etc.): Well, actually my dad saw the Tour of Life back in the day but he never told me about it until I was listening to The Kick Inside on my record player, then he mentioned it like it was the most casual thing ever lol (he is a person that never tries to pressure you into liking something, so I had to discover her art for myself which I am grateful for don’t get me wrong). Kate’s music is such a safe place to me and really comforting and guided me through the time period of leaving high school/ getting into uni and slowly becoming an adult. She inspires me as an (aspiring) artist myself, basically proving that everything is possible (as cheesy as that sounds) and that there are truly no limitations to creativity.