Jonathon Guppy

They know the way to be happy

Location: Canberra, Australia
Favorite Song: Night of the Swallow
Favorite Album: The Dreaming
Favorite Video: Sat in Your Lap
Favorite Lyric: “They know, the way, to be, happy”

How Did You First Hear About Kate Bush: Countdown – an Australian pop tv show which screened on Sunday nights in the 70s. They screened the video of Wuthering Heights.

How Long Have You Been a Fan: Around 1985, I met someone who was very influential and introduced me to The Dreaming. The more I listened, the more I wanted to hear. Since then I have waited (patiently!) for each new album to be released and loved every one of them. They represent time points along my life and when I re-listen I am taken back to that time with real force. Listening to remastered versions with high quality headphones and amp, I am continually amazed at the depth and detail. It’s like discovering them all over again. The best example by far is Get Out of My House. Try it – it will blow you away. A point of discussion just lately has been Kate’s lyrics and just how unusual it is for a song writer to write about life experiences besides love relationships. It has made me realise that may be why I was drawn to Kate’s work.

Favorite Kate-Related Story (i.e. meeting her, hearing her song in public in the supermarket when you weren’t expecting it, seeing the Tour of Life and/or Before the Dawn, etc.): Funnily enough, I did hear King of the Mountain in a flea market in 2005, the first new release for 12 years at that time. I would have love to have seen Before the Dawn but I’m very grateful to be able to listen to it. One of my most favourites is Bertie’s Tawny Moon. Also, a word about the internet. To be able to share appreciation, knowledge and discussion with other fans and researchers is fantastic. I can just imagine how many hours of hard work it takes to put the media together for the fans enjoyment….thankyou.