Craig Houston

I put this moment….. here

Location: Dayton, Ohio
Favorite Song(s): Be Kind to My Mistakes, Misty, Sat in Your Lap, Hounds of Love, Night of the Swallow, A Coral Room, Never Be Mine, Saxophone Song, Lily, Suspended in Gaffa, Nocturne, Jig of Life, Constellation of the Heart, Prologue (Live)
Favorite Album: The Dreaming
Favorite Video: Running Up That Hill
Favorite Lyric(s): “I put this moment… here”, “without the pain, there’d be no learning – without the hurting, we’d never change”, “ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong”
How Did You First Hear About Kate Bush: in high school, a friend was looking at a music magazine (I could swear it was Kerrang, a “metal” magazine) and there was a picture of Kate, I asked if she knew who Kate was, and she replied, “yes – she’s like the Stevie Nicks of England” – next time I made it to Gem City Records, I purchased The Dreaming, without having heard Kate prior.
How Long Have You Been a Fan: since 1983 or 1984, some time in that school year.
Favorite Kate-Related Story (i.e. meeting her, hearing her song in public in the supermarket when you weren’t expecting it, seeing the Tour of Life and/or Before the Dawn, etc.):
Kate, indirectly: playing A Sky of Honey in the car when Samwise, my much-missed, great-big-poodle-dog, was a puppy. He got so excited by the bird sounds. At first he looked perplexed – cocking his ears and swiveling his head, and then he started going from the front seat to the back seat, trying to follow the sound through the speakers. Cutest thing I ever saw. He loved Kate.
Kate, directly: the answer, easily, is getting to see Before the Dawn in London, on September 9th, 2014. I will never forget it, as long as I live.