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Welcome to the official website for Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush, the only podcast that will document every single song that the legendary British singer/songwriter Kate Bush has ever produced. I am your host, Cecilee Linke, and I will be taking you from Kate Bush’s 1978 debut album The Kick Inside to her latest release, 2011’s 50 Words for Snow.

Each album and its respective b-sides and collaborations will be divided into “seasons.” Within each season, every episode will be focused on a particular song. In the case of album tracks, we’re going to talk about the songs in the order they appear on the album. In the case of b-sides (Under the Ivy, The Empty Bullring, I’m Still Waiting) and collaborations (Kate singing with Peter Gabriel on Games Without Frontiers, Don’t Give Up, and No Self Control), we’ll talk about those after all the album tracks have been discussed (No Self Control and Games Without Frontiers will go at the end of the Never For Ever season since those were recorded around the same time as that album, for example). We’ll be talking about the background of each song (what inspired the song, for example), who played on the song, demo versions (where applicable), remixes, and even fan cover versions. Everything to do with the song will be discussed on the show!

Season 1 is all about the songs and background of Kate Bush’s debut album The Kick Inside. In this first season, I get to talk with a few Kate fans, though most of the episodes are discussed with my husband, Andrew Linke, so that I’m not upstairs chatting by myself!

Season 2 is all about the songs and background of Kate Bush’s second album Lionheart. In this second season, I got to speak with a different fan, sometimes even several, in each episode. I got to talk with fans in Canada, Denmark, Australia, and in different parts of the US. This season also marked the start of “album introduction” episodes, where I get to talk with a fan about the overall background of an album before the song episodes begin!

Season 3 is all about Never For Ever, Kate’s third album, and my personal second favorite Kate album. In this season, I got to speak with more fans, sometimes even several per episode, from all over the world, as well as right at home in Virginia! It was also the longest season yet, with a great number of excellent b-sides and collaborations to discuss!

Season 4 is all about Kate’s ambitious and highly experimental fourth album The Dreaming. In this season, the episodes got longer as the discussions got deeper, but there was so much to discuss in each song that it was hard to keep it to less than two hours for every episode!

Season 5 is all about Hounds of Love, one of Kate’s best-selling albums. Episodes are being released as of July 2019.

In addition to individual song episodes, I also plan to do occasional specials in between seasons. So if you were at any of these events:

  1. Kate’s first tour, the Tour of Life/Lionheart Tour/Kate Bush Tour, in 1979
  2. Before the Dawn, Kate’s concert series from 2014

So after all this…. If you want to take part in the show, or you just want to chat with another Kate fan who’s just as enthusiastic as you are, please contact me here!

If you weren’t at any of Kate’s concerts (like me [insert huge sad face]) and you have a favorite song you’d like to chat about instead, or you just want to chat with a fellow fan, feel free to contact me here!

Lastly, I have now entered the world of Patreon! So if you want to support the show AND get some extra super special Kate content you won’t find anywhere else, you can help out here!

Basically, I want to hear from you!

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